Prop Maker

As a professional sculptor and prop maker Theo designs and produces props as the owner and lead artist of prop design company 4Scene.

Previous work includes:

  • Stage set props
  • Festival props
  • Museum exhibits
  • Props for brand promotions
  • Shop front props
  • Carnival props
  • Theme park props

High quality props are designed in consultation with the client can be made from many different materials to suit the needs of the client. Materials used include modern techniques such as polystyrene and resin casting through to traditional methods in wood, metal and stone.

Large props are are often made through the process of polystyrene carving.

He has also created props at several festivals. These are from the Bestival, Bestival Toronto and Isle of White festivals. Including a mermaid that was used as the main frontage for the beer tent. A Giant Anchor that decorated the main stage and a peacock styled prop that decorated the dance tent tent at the Isle of White festival.

These are some examples of props built for shop frontages. These are two Santa’s Grottos that were made for Christmas festivities at the Medowhall shopping center.

Theo is is a scenic artist who creates props for brand promotion.

Theo has built several theme park ride props and frontages. Children’s roller-coaster props. Castle turret and bird prop.